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For many people it's challenging to find a comfortable pair of glasses that fit properly. The frame you like is almost never available in exactly your size.

With all the modern technology around today this should be a thing of the past. Based on this belief, we at YourEyewear have spent the last 2 years developing a unique eye wear collection that can be tailored to you.

How do we do it?

Your Eyewear is a unique concept in which you can design your unique tailor made eye wear, in store, together with a certified optician. Using a set of sample models in combination with a digital design application you can configure a unique pair of glasses. Besides aesthetics, the form and size can be adjusted to the finest detail. Once fully configured, your unique eye wear is produced using the newest additive production techniques, also known as 3D-printing.

The collection

The YourEyewear collection consist of 14 popular base frames. These base frames can be adjusted in size, shape and color to create a fully personal design. The frames and temples are 3D-printed in a high quality Nylon material or Ceramic material. Each pair of glasses has it's own serial number, a truly unique identifier for your eye wear.

By Who?

Your Eyewear has been developed by More Eyewear, the people behind Vingino, State of Art, Capo and Piet Hein Eek eye wear which is available

in the Benelux at more than 900 independent opticians. We exclusively work with certified, independent opticians because we believe that being

an optician is a craft with great added value for the people wearing glasses. Not only do we value knowledge and skill, but we also consider service and attention to customers of paramount importance. Take advantage of this expertise and configure YourEyewear with an expert.


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